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The Challenge

Shannan #21 Preview


Solve the Maze

Download and print the maze now to start the challenge. Find the way through the maze from start to finish. Look for the gaps in the drawing to navigate your way through.

Maze Description

This is the first large maze completed since the original run of Cartoon mazes were created and is the most difficult maze created to date.

Download Links

The maze's webpage: http://cartoonmazes.com/maze/Shannan/21/

Right click and "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." to download the High resolution Image for printing

What are Cartoon Mazes?

At first glance they may appear like a collection of drawing squished together. On closer inspection you'll notice a start and finish on opposite corners of the maze and innocent looking gaps in the drawing that could be mistaken for lazy drawing. But those gaps aren't lazy mistakes and there is a path that navigates from start to finish through those gaps. Beware, there are many dead ends. Enjoy!

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